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New MILOS Cell Clamps

We are expanding the range of our MILOS cell clamps to make the construction of your projects easier, faster and safer. These are all-new stainless steel versions, an extension of the Cell200 series, and come alongside a new range of accessories and truss adaptors. The new stainless steel versions can be used safely in humid environments, coastal areas, and other regions with high humidity. Our accessories expand the possibilities of using a wide range of cell clamps and truss adaptors to connect your multi-purpose designs even more securely.
New Stainless Steel Clamps -CELL251| SS, CELL254| SS, CELL257| SS
  • Designed for 48-51mm (1 7/8"-2") diameter tubes
  • Polished surface with micro-percussion markings
  • Supplied with stainless M12 bolt & wingnut and spring pins

Extension of a series of cell clamps CELL218, CELL215, CELL216, CELL217
  • Designed for 48-51mm (1 7/8"-2") diameter tubes
  • Precision extruded high tensile aluminium alloy
  • Powder coated versions available on request
Cell Clamps Accessories -CCBM12| EYE, CON22| M12, CON24| M10, CON24| M12
  • Precision extruded aluminium alloy
  • All cell clamps series compatible
Truss adaptors-TRUSS-ADAPTOR-M290| M400| FIXED, TRUSS-ADAPTOR-M290| M400| SWIVEL, BBA-CBD50-1000
  • Designed for 48-51mm (1 7/8"-2") diameter tubes
  • Precision extruded aluminium alloy
  • Black version available
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