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MILOS and Xstage in Prague


MILOS and Xstage were invited by their Czech customer, LightNeq, to a workshop on October 22nd at the Archa Theatre in Prague that featured presentations from leading brands in the lighting, sound and video industries.

MILOS salesman Zdenek Ruzicka spoke about the brand's product range and markets, as well as new products, such as the variable corner for the MR1 roof, ballast base for the MR1 tower, outrigger holders for the MT1 base, flexible hinges for M290 truss, and the MT-PA5030 PA tower.

Xstage Division Manager Lukas Tuzar introduced the brand, its product range and the newly launched S10 stage. The S10 packs a heavy weight punch of 750kg/m2 loading capacity into an extremely light 33kg stage module, and easily connects with other well-known stage deck brands.

Attendees left the workshop with a better understanding of the brands, their products and how MILOS and Xstage can meet their future needs.
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