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DST breathes new life into your live shows

Introducing the DST (Dynamic Stack Tracks) System from EXE Technology – a crucial link in the dynamic automation of your live show experience!
The modular DST System consists of stackable truss sections with an integrated rail system, together with a series
of motorized carriage modules that mount inside the truss and travel along the rails.
The modules allow for dynamic horizontal movement (left/right, front/back), vertical lifting (with the mounting of an electric hoist) and 360 degree rotation of LED screens, scenery, lights and other objects during your live shows. To ensure universal user-friendliness, all modules can be managed by the most common control automation control systems on the market.
You can choose from two versions of the DST System, the DST52 and the DST 66, depending on the speed and loading capacity you require. Constructed from high quality aluminium, and a time proven truss design, extreme safety is also ensured.
Click here to see how DST can add an exciting and dynamic edge to your live shows!
Contact Area Four Industries Direct America for more information about the DST System at info@areafourindustries.us or 1-800-411-0065.
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