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What is Area Four Industries?

Area Four Industries America is the official sales point in North and South America for the Milos, Litec, Exe, Mobiltechlifts, Xstage and Xtruss brands. Thanks to the extensive breadth of their product portfolio, and vast know-how of the group, you have a professional partner for projects of all sizes.

The mission of Area Four Industries is to elevate event engineering & safety practices through continous improvement and education programs in partnership with leading industry professionals. 
The Focus of Area Four Industries:

  • Helping to uplift the support structure industry by targeting four main areas: Education, Ideas, Synergy and Complex Projects.

  • Achieving a high level of safety through continuous education of industry professionals, and offering extensive know-how and long time experience for the successful completion of projects.

  • Leading and coordinating the activities of its four brands by acting as an „incubator“ for their ideas and strategies.

  • Serving as a „think tank“ for the activities its four brands carry out in local markets.

  • Delivering customized solutions to its customers thanks to the experience and know-how gathered from its brands, no mater what brand or product are chosen.

  • Offering decades of experience and industry-leading know-how from its team of experts specialized in complex projects



The seeds of Area Four Industries were planted in 1994 when Milos Structural Systems was founded in the Czech Republic. It quickly grew into one of the largest truss manufacturers in Europe, and then further extended its reach with the establishment of Milos U.K. and Milos America. In 2007, a new Milos manufacturing plant was opened in Guangzhou, China, followed by the opening of Milos Concepts GmbH in 2010.

Area Four Industries was created in 2012 when the engineering design expertise, experience, knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities of its three brands - Milos Structural Systems, Litec and TOMCAT - were combined and solidified. James Thomas Engineering joined the board in 2014.

The union of these four brands led to an improved and redefined structure that has allowed Area Four Industries to give its customers access to the worlds largest offer of truss, support structures, peripheral products and related services. 

Area Four Industries is currently in the process of extending its network of exclusive offices. In 2015, a new office was opened in the United Kingdom. At the start of 2016, a new office was opened in Germany.



Milos produces a wide range of products and structural solutions with the flexibility to change and adapt to required conditions. Customers are provided with the versatility they need, when they need it. Maximum value of money is delivered with each product offer to help customers build their business while Milos keeps pace with their evolving demands.


The stylish and modern look of high quality Litec truss and components are designed to handle a wide range of projects. Safety, scalability and compatibility are designed into each component, which leads to the creation of a wide range of solutions that adapt to your business as it grows. Its industry leading research and development department constantly improves truss components and structures for a broad array of applications. All custom and bespoke projects are handled by Litec design specialists and experts, who devote themselves to the creation of innovative solutions for their customers.